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Hi, I'm Leanne.

I've given up fighting. I'm learning how to worry less, surrender myself to love, detach from outcome, and find joy in every day experiences. 

Everything outside of love is an illusion.

You ARE love. You are SURROUNDED by love every moment of every day. Being in this state of love is to come home to yourself, to be at peace, one with the universe, in flow with all that is, fully in the moment and completely fulfilled.

I worked 13 years on my dream life - the money, the job, the success. And, when I'd finally gotten there, about to board a plane to New York for a media blitz that was sure to give me the life I'd dreamed about, I walked away from it.

I spent the next 2 years angry, afraid, and regretting that I'd said no to the biggest opportunity of my life.

Then, it hit me... I realized that I was creating my own suffering, keeping myself in a headlock of fear and lack. And I decided right there and then, that I needed to shift gears and truly come home to myself.


"You are complete as you are." - Your Authentic Self

Letting Love In Starts With...

The best place to start, is inside. You have a problem with someone in your life? It starts with you. You have a problem with something in your life? It starts with you. Something stresses you out? It's on you. YOU are the answer to everything you're seeking. By getting to know your authentic self, you can show up for yourself more clearly, and begin to see how easy it is to choose happiness, joy, gratitude, and love every day.

I've put together a free course on how to begin. Just scroll down a touch and let's begin!


3 Practices to Meet Your Authentic Self

  • 3 step-by-step videos showing you how to shift mindset to uncover energy, peace, and purpose.
  • 3 simple practices to bring balance to your day.

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Deep self-exploration, shadow work, and getting in touch with the holistic healing modalities taught to me by my parents, ancestors and guides in my youth, I embarked on a new path, the result of which you see here!

Some of the highlights...

💜Love Rebel Show, a podcast dedicated to sharing how I seek love and light each week.
💜Love Rebel Patreon Community where you can connect with likeminded souls on a similar journey.
💜One-on-one healing sessions where we work together to release stored emotions that are keeping you stuck.

Now, I am home in myself. I've cracked my heart open and allowed love to pour in. I'm living from a place of heart-centered awareness, dedicated to allowing divine source to flow through me, guiding me where I'm best needed to learn what I need to learn in this lifetime, and share what I need to share to assist others to light up as I have.

You're here because you, too, want to live life to the fullest, be happy, at peace, confident, courageous, and limitless.

Much love,


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