Unlock Your Highest Potential

Release stored emotions, heal your heart, and move forward with ease & grace.


Virtual Healing Session

You are divine light. You are divine love. In our session, we work to transmute negative emotions to love, gratitude, joy, and oneness.


We've connected on purpose. You're here for a reason.


Every Emotion Has a Vibration

Heartache, dread, fear, jealousy, anxiety, failure, abandonment… every emotion has a vibration. If the emotion is not fully embodied when we are meant to feel it, the vibration is stored in the body, showing up as physical discomfort and making it challenging to move forward with aspects of your life.

Through release, you are able to more easily move forward in love.

Your Higher Self Knows

Your Higher Self is your essence, the witness of the melodrama, the fearless seeker of your life unfolding. In our sessions, I connect with and work alongside your higher self using a combination of energy techniques to seal our space, decode vibrations that require shifting, and open your heart.

Your higher self guides me through the process and delivers messages that help you build a deeper connection to Her.

Connect to Your Higher Self

Everything outside of love is an illusion. By transmuting negative emotion to love, you can STOP feeling stuck, disconnected, angry at your circumstances, feeling lack around money or purpose...

About Leanne...

I knew at a young age that I could feel and interact with people's energy. I've worked alongside coaches, guides, and healers throughout my life to develop techniques, but much of it comes intuitively.

Through a strong sense of self, an open heart, and unwavering dedication to serving others, I want to help you decode what's holding you back to reach your highest expression.


Maybe You Have Some Questions?

Think of virtual energy work like my energy calling your energy on the phone and having a conversation. Once we're in a conversation, I seal our space, and begin to work through your body to decode vibrations that require shifting.

There's nothing you need to send me or prepare before our session together. Just come as you are! Ideally, you'll want to book your session when you know you'll have some quiet time - even if that quiet space is in your car.

All of our work is done through messenger via WhatsApp, iMessage, or text message. I will message you before our appointment to remind you to find a quiet space, and share anything with you that's come to me ahead of time. Sometimes it's a mantra, a playlist, an image you could focus on during our session, and other times nothing additional is required.

Then, at the time of our session, I will message you and let you know that we're beginning. You can find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Settle in, close your eyes, meditate (I will instruct you on how to do this if you're new at it, so no worries there!).

You can expect to feel calm, at peace, you may feel emotions pass through you for a millisecond as we work to clear blockages. You may feel a release in various parts of your body. You may fall asleep, this is okay.

When we're done, I will message you and share with you anything that came up during the session - emotions we cleared, energy we moved, messages that came to me... what I receive is unique to the individual.

This depends entirely on you - how you feel, what you're in need of. You'll feel if/when you're ready for another session. Sometime it only takes one session, other times, as you continue on your spiritual journey, you'll uncover more blockages that require shifting. And if so, I'll be there to help whenever you need it!

Once you've paid and booked a session, I begin tapping into your field, confirming that we're open to work together, and open my field to messages for you. Because of this, I do not offer refunds. However, if for some reason you need to reschedule your appointment, you can do so anytime. 


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