Create Space to Realign.

Open your heart, release, unravel and connect to love.


Virtual Unlayering Session

Create stillness, call on expansiveness, be heard, seen, and reconnect to your divinity. Together, we realign you with the love and joy that surrounds you every day.


We've connected on purpose. You're here for a reason.


"Such a wonderfully grounding experience. I was filled with so much peace and love. Everything Leanne downloaded was spot on where I am at in my life. Also, she directed my focus to an aspect of my new business that needed some attention that I am super grateful for. Thank you, Leanne! I’m so excited for our next session!"


"I was really nervous about my appointment with Leanne but from the time we started talking she just has a way of putting you at ease. I felt very calm and had some epiphanies like the universe was talking to me. Several of my friends have also had appointments and they were impressed as well. I will be booking future sessions!"


"I have been following Leanne for awhile and have always felt so at peace from reading or viewing posts of hers. I booked a private session and was able to experience a relaxation I haven’t felt in awhile. My suggestion is to journal following your session so you may revisit and continue to meditate to further your self journey."


"What an amazing beautiful experience I had with Leanne during our session. The session left my energy humming and my spirit revived! I'm definitely looking forward to connecting with her again, she's amazing and such a lovely practitioner."


"My virtual session with Leanne was a great experience! Even though we were located in completely different parts of the world, I could feel when she started and I could feel when she stopped. Then we had an in-depth exchange about what we both perceived during the session. It was fascinating how many similarities there were. It was an amazing experience!"


"I am feeling more grounded and centered and full of light! Oh, it's beautiful. I'm paying attention to where the stored emotion we found during our session comes up for me in my life. any time I sense it coming up, I simply witness it. The integration is remembrance in action - I love! Thank you again for your guidance."


"I am riding the peace wave! There was a lot of restorative crying afterwards and it still comes sporadically but I have honestly never felt so good emotionally. Calmer and more grounded describes how I feel perfectly. I will definitely be booking another session soon. Thank you!!"


"I am a newbie to energy work, Leanne was my first experience. As we started our session, I felt things moving in my abdomen, my heart opening and silent cleansing tears came in waves. Imagine the most fabulous therapy session PLUS a side of acupuncture. This is what it felt like. My body felt so relaxed afterward and my spirit was enlivened!"


"I didn’t know what to expect going in, but I absolutely loved it. Leanne provided me with the space I needed and met me exactly where I was. She exuded warmth, love, empathy and lightness. I was incredibly impressed with how much she was able to tell me about myself while also guiding me towards the healing that I need going forward."


"I have worked with other alternative therapy practitioners in the past and have found their approach to be slightly cookie cutter. Leanne is the opposite. She is extremely personal, and really gets deep into how I am feeling. I have had 3 sessions with Leanne and each time, I feel that she is able to get deeper and knows me better than the time before. I highly recommend working with Leanne for a deeply personal healing experience."


"I felt so peaceful and in flow after our session. After, I continued to experience a calm and peaceful feeling day’s following. If only we can have Leanne by our side weekly for her healings!"


"I’m so glad I decided to do a virtual session with Leanne. I was a little unsure how it would work given that she's on the opposite side of the world, but it was great! Leanne communicated some really valid information and I can’t wait to do it again soon."


"I felt a warm energy surround me and was moved to soft tears that felt refreshing and cleansing. I experienced a powerful shift in energies and thoughts. The session was powerful, allowing me to move forward in my journey of healing and self empowerment. I have been doing the practices Leanne provided me, and can’t wait until our next session together."


"My virtual session with Leanne was mind-blowing! It was a profound experience, the catalyst for me tapping into my feminine energy and changing direction in my business. Leanne is truly energetically gifted and insightful!"

Marie Young

"Leanne was able to pull out a lot of emotions that I've been numbing for years and years - pain, fear, lost. I felt a sense of peace that my heart hasn't felt in so very long. [our time together] has given me so much clarity, peace, and understanding. Leanne is a gifted, intuitive, and spiritual woman who has stepped into her power and because of that, she is able to use her gifts in such a beautiful way. I am so thankful and grateful for this experience."


"My session with Leanne was wonderful! I felt very calm, relaxed, and at peace both during and after our session. The emotions and energetic blocks that came up for her were spot-on! Since then, I have taken her advice and am working to stay true to myself and heart-centered."


"It was profound, making me aware of the fears that were keeping me stuck. With her intuitive gifts and unique ability to read my field, she was able to support me in shifting back into my heart space. The suggestions she provided guided me forward and created new awareness of my own inherent power. "


Higher Self Connection

Your Higher Self is your essence, the witness of the melodrama, the fearless seeker of your life unfolding. In our sessions, we connect with and work alongside your higher self using a combination of energy techniques.

Your higher self guides us through the process and delivers messages that provide confirmation, inspiration, and direction to your current experiences, traumas, or struggles.

Every Emotion Has a Vibration

Heartache, dread, fear, jealousy, anxiety, failure, abandonment… every emotion has a vibration. If the emotion is not fully embodied when we are meant to feel it, the vibration is stored in the body, showing up as physical discomfort and making it challenging to move forward with aspects of your life.

Through release, you are able to more easily move forward in love.

Connect to Your Higher Self

Everything outside of love is an illusion. By transmuting negative emotion to love, you can STOP feeling stuck, disconnected, angry at your circumstances, feeling lack around money or purpose...

The Process (is simple)

You have the tools. Our session is about uncovering them for your highest alignment.

Here's what you can expect when you book a session:

1// Access my calendar and choose a time that works best for you. Once confirmed, you'll receive your booking confirmation along with all details in order to join the call.

2// I call you at the time of our appointment. We talk a little, laugh a little, share a little... and then I guide you through a meditation.

3// I hang up the phone, and begin with energy work (reiki, emotional decoding, and more). During this portion, I generally receive intuitive messages which I jot down throughout. When the reiki portion is complete, I call you back, and we share our experiences and I deliver any intuitive messages that came through.

4// I send you a summary of our session, you take it easy, enjoy the integration, and go about your day feeling lighter!


About Leanne...

I knew at a young age that I could feel and interact with people's energy. I've worked alongside coaches, guides, and healers throughout my life to develop techniques, but much of it comes intuitively.

Through a strong sense of self, an open heart, and unwavering dedication to serving others, I want to help you decode what's holding you back to reach your highest expression.


Maybe You Have Some Questions?

Think of virtual energy work like my energy calling your energy on the phone and having a conversation. Once we're in a conversation, I seal our space, and begin to work through your body to decode vibrations that require shifting.

There's nothing you need to send me or prepare before our session together. Just come as you are! Ideally, you'll want to book your session when you know you'll have some quiet time - even if that quiet space is in your car.

All of our work is done over the internet. 

For the 75-minute session, we connect through WhatsApp or FaceTime (audio) so we can speak with each other at the beginning and end of our session together.

At the time of our appointment, it's best to find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed. Settle in, close your eyes, meditate (I will instruct you on how to do this if you're new at it, so no worries there!).

You can expect to feel calm, at peace, you may feel emotions pass through you for a millisecond as we work to clear blockages. You may feel a release in various parts of your body. You may fall asleep, this is okay.

When we're done, I will provide you anything that came up during the session - emotions we cleared, energy we moved, messages that came to me... what I receive is unique to the individual.

Once booked, you will be provided with all the details you need to prepare for the session.

This depends entirely on you - how you feel, what you're in need of. You'll feel if/when you're ready for another session. Sometime it only takes one session, other times, as you continue on your spiritual journey, you'll uncover more blockages that require shifting. And if so, I'll be there to help whenever you need it!

Once you've paid and booked a session, I begin tapping into your field, confirming that we're open to work together, and open my field to messages for you. Because of this, I do not offer refunds. However, if for some reason you need to reschedule your appointment, you can do so anytime. There is the off chance that your higher self will communicate that a session is not needed. If this is the case, a refund will be processed.


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