21-step Body Peace Challenge

Whether you believe it or not, you've always been good enough.

The 21-step Body Peace Challenge is the simple blueprint to repair your relationship with your body and start living your joy now.

Time to unlearn your body judgement and step into confidence.


From Television, print and billboard ads to Social Media and internet marketing: Making you feel ugly and 'Less Than' is a billion dollar industry.

A hugely damaging myth is that you need to fit a certain standard in order to be 'good enough.' Contrary to what the entire world is telling you, you've always been so much more than good enough.

When you start to embrace this truth, and become one with your body, you are better able to step into joy, see love, and seek peace every day.

If you've ever felt like no matter how hard you try, your body just won't cooperate with you...

If you've ever thought...

When I reach this goal / get those flat abs / hit that ideal weight / get my hair color exactly right / get rid of my "saddlebags,"

Or when I fix my...

Cellulite / flabby arms / saggy breasts / flat butt / wide hips....

Or put some curves on my body...

Or take the curves off my body.

Get fuller lips. Get thinner lips. Raise my cheek bones. Grow thicker hair. Change my eye color. Grow 4 inches. Shrink 4 inches.

If you’ve ever thought...

If only I could look like [insert your favorite celebrity]... THEN I'll be happy.

What to Expect

When you join, you'll receive everything below...

21 Audio Lessons

Audio files that form the foundation for your new body positive mindset. You'll be coached toward a totally different perspective so you can uncover the healthy, confident, empowered you. 

Listen to one a day, or at your own pace.

21 Body Acceptance Missions

After listening to your audio lesson, you'll be given integration homework - one action or small activity that'll integrate the lesson fully. 

Retrain your mindset and combat the negative messaging all around you.


21 Daily Confidence-Builders

Each lesson is complete with a phone wallpaper image that contains the days' mantra.

Repeat your mantra as often as you'd like to stay focused on positivity, love, and peace toward your body.

Body Peace Workbook

All of your lessons, integration work, and mantras are in your 57-page workbook! Download it to your computer or print it out and scribble away.

Highlights the realizations, shifts and transformations throughout your 21-step journey.

Now you can claim your right to feel amazing just as you are.

With gentle guidance from me, you'll spend the next 21 days fostering a new perspective that will help you see and celebrate your own worth, goodness and beauty. So you can be happy now. Even if you’ve always struggled with self-judgement. You’ll unleash the confident, happy lady you’ve wanted to be and set yourself on a path to freedom and self-acceptance, learning to trust in who you are - not who the world is telling you to be.

Creating the life you want starts by knowing that you are WORTHY for that life.

When you reconnect with your body and begin knowing that you are worthy, you:

💜Find joy even in mundane tasks
💜Choose happiness, and see it as a choice
💜Build confidence in yourself and your abilities
💜See your body for what it truly is-a gift
💜Keep your calm all day, every day
💜Understand which foods your body responds best to and set up a keto diet that works
💜Overcome negative thoughts + understand why they happen so you can conquer the root cause & kill that negativity before it even surfaces
💜Get the tools that will help you actually reach your goals instead of just dreaming about them

21 lessons, mantras + integration actions to embrace your body, love your life and step into freedom. 

A Life-Changing Online Program

For the moment you're open to the idea that the, 'I'm not good enough' nonsense is holding you back from truly having it all.

Discover the simple practices that will help you experience inner peace and put an end to all the fighting...

... against your body...

... against your life as it is...

And against the self-judgement that wears you down.

Even if you always thought you were doomed to feel inadequate.

Even if you’ve always compared yourself to others, wondering how you measure up.

Even if you you never reach that “ideal” you’ve set up in your head.

In just 3 weeks, you’ll already be on your way to becoming *that* woman...

The one who radiantly struts into the crowd and doesn’t give a thought to what others are thinking about her...

The one people can’t help but smile about and say oh, she lights up the room...

Her smile is contagious...

She emanates joy.

The one who looks everyone (even her critics) in the eye. Who stands tall when others around her are trying to disappear in the crowd. Who encourages others and doesn’t need to tear them down to make herself feel better. Who embraces her strengths and her weaknesses because she’s just so happy and blessed to be herself.

The kind of woman who truly enjoys her life.


Take a Listen to this Sample Audio

Here's one of the audio files from inside the program, to give you a taste of the personal touches I've added throughout and give you a sample of what's to come.


Start your journey


Maybe you have questions?

As soon as you join, you have access to your week 1 materials. 7 days after that, week 2 materials, and 7 days following that, week 3 materials. Here is the outline below:

  • Week 1 delivers 7 audio lessons, daily practices and mantras focused on Getting In The Flow of Your Life.
  • Week 2 delivers 7 audio lessons, daily practices and mantras focused on Overcoming Negative Thought Patterns.
  • Week 3 delivers 7 audio lessons, daily practices and mantras focused on Getting to Know Your Body.

Each of the lessons and missions have been transcribed, so if audio isn't your thing, you can simply read the entirety of the program inside your membership portal. No audio required!

Your daily lessons and integration work will vary in time commitment from 5 minutes to 45 minutes per day. If that's too big of a time commitment, the good news is you can go at your own pace!

You'll have access to this program well beyond 21 days. So, feel free to spread your lessons out over a couple of days.

There are a total of 21 lessons in the course, separated into 3 weekly modules. Each week delivers 7 lessons, mantras and actions to retrain your mindset.

If you have negative thoughts about your body, and those thoughts have stopped you from doing things you want to do, this program is for you.

If you have crazy dreams for yourself, but couldn't imagine actually doing them because deep down, you don't honor yourself, this program is for you.

If courage isn't a characteristic you'd assign to yourself, this program is for you.

If you feel like you can't achieve happiness until you've lost X amount of weight, this program is for you.

If you just want to be HAPPY in your body... now, but have no idea if that's even possible, this program is for you.


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